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If you are coming to terms with your child being trans, worried about how the world will treat them, or grappling with questions that are hard to find good answers for...  You are not alone. Of course you want your child to be comfortable in their own skin. You want them to be safe and happy in the world. The thing is... The truth is very hopeful.

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Research shows that parental support and connection is by far the biggest predictor of wellbeing and happiness for trans and gender diverse people. 

Not only that... 

Even with all the additional challenges that trans people face, with strong parental support, trans and gender diverse people have been shown to have the similar mental health outcomes as the general population.

Your strong support is incredibly powerful. For them, you are it.

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Course Outline

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Module 1: What Really Matters

  • Common Parental Emotions and Thoughts: What parents say about their experience of parenting a trans child (you are not alone)
  • Why it's so Hard:¬†and cultivating self-compassion
  • Risk and Resilience Factors: The pivotal #1¬†factor¬†affecting trans mental health
  • The Parental¬†Fear Paradox:¬†How trying to protect your child might paradoxically be the hardest thing they face
  • Mapping the Wellbeing Curve:¬†Where you are now and envisioning the path ahead
  • The Positive Support Cycle: Getting There Faster
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Module 2: Small Changes, Big Effects

  • How do they know they are trans?
  • The formation of gender identity
  • When and why language matters
  • Receiving and responding to new information from your child
  • Four sentences that create trust and connection, even if you‚Äôre not ready to ‚Äėget on board‚Äô.
  • The Task of Telling People:¬†The Who, When, What, and How of disclosure.
person holding sign saying "hello, my pronouns are..."
androgynous teenager texting on phone

Module 3: Strengthening Emotional Connection

  • Parenting when we‚Äôre afraid
  • The essentials guide to emotion theory¬†
  • Emotion Coaching for daily and deepening connection
  • How to repair after conflict and hurt
  • When your child doesn‚Äôt talk to you, and what you can do about it

Module 4: De-Pathologising Gender Diversity

  • How binary thinking has eclipsed¬†the natural diversity within all living things.
  • The social significance of bodies
  • Embracing a broader perspective on gender roles through time and across cultures
  • Unwiring ourselves from the myths of femininity and masculinity.
  • Helpful and practical¬†ways to talk about bodies with your child
parent at rpride march, holding sign saying 'my non-binary child is my hero"
Mother with two children sitting on hikers bench looking at view

Module 5: De-Personalising Dysphoria

  • Differentiating diagnosis¬†from feeling
  • How dysphoria disguises itself
  • Coping with dysphoria
  • Does dysphoria make you trans?
  • Understand the cause of dysphoria: a minority stress lens
  • Finding Meaningful Relief: Mitigating dysphoria.
  • The many ways to¬†manage dysphoria, when relief is not yet possible.

Module 6: Affirming Change

  • Traditions of Transition: The legacy of concealment
  • The real purpose of transition
  • Common parent and child feelings during transition
  • Urgency, certainty and doubt
  • Navigating 'testimonial injustice' in the medical system
people at pride march holding flags
family walking holding hands, one teenager wearing a large LGBTIQ flag as a cape

Module 7: Navigating & Building Community

  • Responding to your child's experiences of transphobia
  • Three essential types of community, and how to build them.
  • Troubleshooting when community is hard to access
  • The courageous conversations template
  • Use¬†healthy anger to guide you

Who We Are

We are Ari Dunphy (they/them) and Jes Anderberg (she/her).

We are both therapists and educators, working in the fields of trans mental health, advocacy and education. Together we have thousands of hours of clinical experience working with gender diverse people and their families.

Throughout our work, we have continuously seen the urgent need for parents to receive high-quality and compassionate information and support when their child is gender diverse.

We have collated years of professional, community, and personal expertise and research into this 7 week program, so that parents can escalate their learning and improve their life and relationship with their child. 

"I could not imagine better facilitators for this program than Ari and Jes, whose immense kindness, generosity, wisdom and relevant personal and clinical experience enliven and enrich the course content and discussions." (Sally & Justin, parents of 5 year old).

‚ÄúAri is a caring and thoughtful practitioner who I have known for many years, they‚Äôre someone I trust and highly respect. I‚Äôm so happy that they are supporting parents to help our young people thrive.‚ÄĚ Starlady, Zoe Belle Gender Collective

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Headshot of co-founder Jes Anderberg

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